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Anaerobic Digester Gas Mixing

We design and manufacture Gas Mixing Systems; the continuous anaerobic gas mixing system is suitable for sealed digester tanks whether cylindrical, cylindrical spherical or egg shaped. Its design optimises the sludge digestion process and produces a more homogenous mix than other systems.

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Our Approach to Gas Mixing Systems

With no moving parts within the digester tank, the Utile system offers complete reliability of operation. Utilising duty and standby compressors or simply duty compressors with boxed spares, allows simple, cost effective routine maintenance to be carried out with no downtime in operation giving maximum gas production at all times. External control offers us the ability to "trim" the gas flow to obtain maximum efficiency within the tank, and check the flow of gas through each line, offering the client complete confidence in the operation.

Whether complete Utile Gas Mixing Systems or gas mixing compressor packages only, capital cost is low, offering a cost effective solution to digester tank mixing. The required installed and absorbed power for the Utile gas mixing compressors is lower than other gas compressors and other types of mixing system. Typically around 3 watt/m3 are required to operate our system, dependant on the tank dimensions, giving considerably reduced running costs, coupled with minimal maintenance costs to provide overall, the most efficient type of mixing.

With such low absorbed power and EEF1 drive motors the carbon footprint is reduced to a minimum on Utile continuous gas mixing systems. Gas generation and utilisation is optimised because we produce a homogenous mix with low input power in such short time periods. Gas venting and flaring is subsequently eliminated, required only in emergency, thus making an important contribution to the protection of the environment.

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Our innovative concept for gas booster and compressor design is used to capture and process gases in applications such as Anaerobic Digestion, Oil Field Vapour Recovery, Instrument Venting and Landfill Sites with maximum efficiency. Thus, with installations across the globe, Utile are reducing carbon footprint, providing savings in costs and minimising the impact on the environment.

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We design and manufacture Gas Mixing Systems; the continuous anaerobic gas mixing system is suitable for sealed digester tanks. Find out more about our Gas Mixing Solutions.